Speechless about UFP-2 & Delirious about the upcoming UFP-3…

Have you ever known Steve Savage to be speechless?
This time I am!

Phew! It’s now just days since the October 18th UFP-2, and I just don’t know how one would put into words the successful realization of an 11 year long dream!

Since Footnight was started 11 years ago, we had a desire to create a “free-for-all” ruckus of feet with anything-goes foot indulgence(as long as it is safe and consensual)..

… A melee of fun and activity with no money changing hands, gorgeous, scantily clad women who love feet as much as the guys do..

… A party like no other foot party ever produced!

… The most unique, outside-the-box, foot fetish party in the history of History!

UFP-1 was good and made lots of dreams come true!

UFP-2 not only realized dreams, but it was everything we designed the UFP to be! I am still receiving raves, praises and gratitude from guys and girls who were there!

BUT… the 3rd Time is the charm!


Get ready for UFP-3 on January 23, 2014!
Wait till you see what we have in store for you!

It is going to be EPIC!
Bigger, better, more exciting & more memorable than anything we have done before!

Dreams Come True … But Memories Stay Forever!


What is going to make this so special?

UFP-3 is going to be held as a 5 hour After-Party to the most anticipated Footnight event of the year… the January New Year’s Footnight & FNI Awards Presentations!

The Footnight New Year party/awards will be 5 hours, beginning at 7pm and ending at midnight..

UFP VIP Guests will be able to arrive at 7pm to enjoy the Footnight New Year’s Party/Awards,
They will then be given access to a private closed off area at 11pm..

After the Footnight New Years guests and models leave, the UFP VIP’s will have the entire club  to themselves, through the night until 4.00am for an anything-goes “foot free-for-all”!
That’s 10 hours of non-stop foot debauchery till the birds start chirping in the morning!


Start planning for it now!
I know that I didn’t provide much time for you to plan and prepare for the last UFP. But you have plenty of time now to start making arrangements for the most extraordinarily, monumental foot experience of your life!

Stay tuned!

Steve Savage, Founder/President
FN International